A group creates a microcosm of your own environment and personal history.

A Core energetics group is a safe circle in which all feelings and emotions are allowed, encouraged to be expressed, and worked with. It is a space where you can observe the patterns you have with other people and find a way to grow together.

Process groups start with guided body centred awareness to bring us together in a focused circle. Then, a group member choses to take the space, shares a topic, and starts to process their feelings, guided by the therapist and supported by the group members.

Sharing in front of a group can be very healing. Being seen though your struggles, being acknowledged and supported, brings your whole being back into community and allows you to practice more authentic behaviour patterns.

Sharing in Witnessing other people's processes often gives as much insight into aspects of your own nature, as does processing yourself.

I will call groups as soon as I find a suitable venue.