To begin your journey, we would have a free one hour intake session together. In this time, we can discuss what your needs are in terms of therapy, if there is anything you may be finding difficult to deal with in life, if you feel you are blocked and any hopes you might have. I can also answer any question you may have and explain Core Energetics in more detail.

From then on, each session starts with simple exercises to bring you back into your body and feelings. Then we will work together with a topic you chose to share with me. If there is no topic, we just go with what your body has to reveal that day.

Working with the body and its defences often allows unconscious thoughts, feelings and aspects of yourself to come to the surface more effectively than through talking alone.

We will explore your posture and habitual movements, working with your body, breath and voice. The techniques range from subtle to energised, from simple breath work, just standing or laying, to more engaging techniques of pushing, pulling, hitting or kicking; all practiced within a safe and empowering environment, working with whatever feelings arise.

Private therapy is a journey, its duration will depend on your situation, struggles or objectives. I recommend that you commit to 5 sessions before assessing the benefits of this work. Then, we can agree to move forward and periodically review the effectiveness of our therapeutic relationship.

Everybody is welcome to this work, whatever your physical condition.

Sessions are held either in English or French.

I receive clients in Felanitx, Mallorca and I am looking for a place to work somewhere more central on the island and in Geneva.

I look forward to working together.