Core Energetics combines physical movement and psychotherapy to support the full expression of your being. It was born from the work of John Pierrakos. After creating Bioenergetics with Alexander Lowen, he went on to incorporate research around human energy fields and the spiritual component of the ‘Lectures of Pathwork’ by Eva Pierrakos.

This method opens us to the fullness of our life-force. It grounds us in the strength and integrity of who we really are. It opens our heart and supports us in bringing out our unique selves, as we engage more consciously and responsibly with the world around us.

From our early days in life until late in childhood, when faced with a trauma or repeated adverse situations, we deal with them by creating unconscious coping mechanism.
Our adult bodies show typical traits or structures directly related to the traumas and stages of development in which they occurred. These traits manifest physically as tensions, weaknesses, overcharges, energy leaks or armouring in specific body parts. They are indicators of how we block our energy. Although we are no longer the dependent child we used to be, these defences stay in operation at an unconscious level and keep us limited and dis-empowered in adult life.

Core Energetics invites us to express verbally and physically our blocked emotions within a structured and safe environment.

Just as when we were a child, we hold difficult feelings inside of us. We feel they have no space to exist outside our body or we fear the negative response of others.

With time, all those unexpressed feelings hinder the free flow of our lively selves and transform into physical and/or mental pain.

Specific guided movements bring consciousness to suppressed feelings and engage the energy system in ways that allow us to break free from our habitual behaviour.

In the practice of Core Energetics we provide a respectful and confidential space in which to welcome all thoughts and feelings. Recognising and reenergising frustration or anger can connect us to the underlying sadness or fear. This leads to a sounder understanding of our own selves and an ability to express our needs more clearly.

Stagnant energy, once out of confinement, moves freely and becomes available to us. We find a greater sense of confidence in who we are to fully embrace life, to access unknown inner resources, to express our creativity, to embrace our sexuality, and to deepen our connection with others.