My name is Frederic Perozzo, before becoming a certified NLP coach, I was a project manager in the private banking industry. I decided to move to Mallorca in 2016 and I am currently studying at the Netherlands Institute of Core Energetics.

Core Energetics combines physical movement and psychotherapy to support the full expression of your complete being. This form of therapy makes us aware of how we block our energy and recreate defence patterns adopted in childhood. These defences keep us limited and dis-empowered in adult life.

Working with the body is critical because our defences, belief systems, coping mechanisms, and typical emotional responses are not just psychological, they manifest in the body as tension and need to be released.

The Core work taps into blocked sources of energy that when released can be integrated and enjoyed. This creates an expanded sense of who we are, to more fully embrace our life, to open unknown inner resources, to express our creativity, to embrace our sexuality, and to deepen our connection with others.

This work has, and continues to fundamentally help me develop a sounder understanding of who I am, to liberate my expression and fire my life force. I am excited to share this method with people on the island of Mallorca and in Geneva.

As a student under supervision, I am now offering this work to people in private sessions. I will also be creating Process Groups in the near future as they can be very supportive in conjunction with private therapy.

Sessions are held either in English or French.

I look forward to welcoming you.

Please feel free to contact me for more information.